About Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is honoured and uniquely suited to host the CitiesIPCC Conference. It is a ‘city of learners’ that fundamentally believes in the need for  innovation and collaboration to find solutions to our biggest challenges.

General Information

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta and the fifth largest municipality in Canada, with a metropolitan population of more than one million people.

Edmonton is located in Treaty No. 6 territory, the traditional territory of Canada’s Indigenous and Métis people and is known to the Cree, one of Canada’s largest Indigenous groups, as amiskwacîwâskâhikanwe.

We honour the history, language and culture that has shaped this land for thousands of years.

Located in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone, Edmonton has four distinct seasons with March having average daytime temperatures of 2 degrees celsius (36F) and nighttime lows of -7 degrees celsius (19F).

The Shaw Conference Centre

The award winning Shaw Conference Centre is a 150,000 square foot event facility overlooking our stunning river valley and has been awarded the “5 Green Keys” rating for sustainable operations.

Situated in the city’s vibrant downtown core atop the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, the central location offers easy access to Edmonton’s major hotels, restaurants, theatre venues, river valley and shops.

Edmonton’s Action on Climate Change

At a time when the world is striving to build low-carbon economies, shift to sustainable energy sources, and adapt to an already changing climate, Edmonton is a full participant in this movement. Climate Change is real and so are Edmonton’s efforts to mitigate and adapt to it.

The City is taking significant action on climate change; first through mitigation and deep decarbonization by introducing energy efficiency programmes and catalyzing investment in renewable energy and second by taken a science based approach to understanding and adapting to the climate change risks that are ahead.

Edmonton’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Here are just of few examples of City projects that highlight Edmonton’s commitment to environmental sustainability:

  • Nation leading programmes: The EnerGuide Spot the Difference programme is the first programme of its kind in Canada that combines incentives for home energy labeling with a publicly accessible, address based database, driving improved energy efficiency in the residential market. A similar reporting programme was launched for the commercial sector, making Edmonton the first municipality in Canada to have a comprehensive benchmarking programme for private and public buildings.
  • Green Development: The Blatchford Lands, a former municipal airport, will be home to up to 30,000 people living and working in a sustainable community that uses renewable energy, is carbon neutral, and empowers residents to pursue a range of sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • Engaging Residents on Climate Change: Change for Climate, a new initiative to encourage citizens to take action on climate change. Change for Climate is a major component of the City’s goal of creating a 35% reduction in the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 (below 2005 levels). It serves as a tool where citizens can learn and practice ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Learn more at changeforclimate.ca